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  1. It can connect to TFS and display the assigned items.
  2. It can connect to Outlook to get the list of meetings for the day.
  3. When a meeting is about to start it shows a popup message as a reminder and can autostart tracking the time spent on the meeting.
  4. The auto-track for a meeting is stopped when a meeting finishes.
  5. The times can be posted to TFS directly from the tool.



 In the login view, you must use your TFS account

Then it shows the main view with the items assigned (it can take some time to retrieve the items). There are two special columns at the end of the grid, Time and TFS Time; the first one shows the "real" time spent on that item during the day, the TFS Time rounds the "real" time in multiples of 0.25 because I think that only these values are allowed in TFS.

  • The "Refresh" button loads again the items into the grid, and also refreshes the meetings from outlook.
  • The "Details" button shows the hours tracked for the selected item, this times can be modified.
  • The "Start Tracking" button shows a new window that displays the time elapsed.
  • The "Save to TFS" button shows a window with tracked times and you can select the items to post to TFS (the times can be modified)
  • The last button shows the configuration window


    • AUTO-START option tells the tool that when a meeting is starting, tracks the time on the selected item.
    • AUTO-STOP tells the tool that stops the tracking when the meeting ends.
    • The transparency is the porcentage of the tracking window (0: invisible; 100: opaque)


  • Top most indicates the tracking window to stay on top of any other window.

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